Microsoft testing Bing Chat with Chrome and Safari for some users.

Microsoft testing Bing Chat with Chrome and Safari for some users.

Microsoft has confirmed that its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, will be made available on non-Microsoft browsers, including Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. The decision to expand follows reports of Bing Chat being spotted on these alternative browsers. Until now, the AI chatbot was limited to Microsoft products like the Bing mobile app and Microsoft Edge browser, but this move will allow a wider range of users to access a ChatGPT-like experience.

TechCrunch received confirmation from Microsoft that Bing Chat is indeed expanding to other browsers, though an official announcement had not been made yet. According to Caitlin Roulston, the director of communications at Microsoft, the company is currently testing access to Bing Chat in Safari and Chrome for select users, with plans to offer access to even more users once the testing phase is successfully completed.

Users who have gained access to Bing AI chatbot on Windows reported receiving a pop-up in the taskbar of Windows 10 or 11, inviting them to try the Bing AI in Chrome. Alternatively, users can visit from their preferred browser and click on the “Chat” icon to experience Bing Chat. It’s worth noting that during our own tests, we were able to access Bing Chat in Chrome, but not Safari, which could be due to our status as non-participants in the testing phase for “select users.”

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